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Category Archives: Managing A Childcare Company or School

The Importance of Communication In Your Childcare Company or School

  Developing good relationships with parents, teachers, vendors and your students is a key component to operating a successful childcare center or school. Every aspect of your childcare facility – staff satisfaction, parent interaction, teaching the children, managing your staff – comes down to effective communication. Communication skills are critical to developing and nurturing theseContinue Reading

Starting a Childcare Company or School

  Here are the basics… Know the competition. Know the demographics. Know the traffic patterns. Know the political and budget discussions for the state, county and city/town. Know the school system including locations of elementary schools, potential for partnerships like latchkey programs and any plans schools may have for competing in our industry. Know theContinue Reading

Selecting The Right Team For Your Childcare Company or School

  It’s been said that when opening and operating any business, you must have the right people, doing the right things, at the right time. It seems simple, but 80% of new businesses still fail in the first 60 months—not five years, 60 months. New companies don’t fail over a period of years. They succeedContinue Reading

Mother or Management—What Childcare Companies Need

  The early education industry is blessed to have many people who enter this business because they care about more than the money. But make no mistake, money is required if you want to stay in this industry. Over the years (especially during the recession), we’ve seen many people lose centers and schools or pushContinue Reading

Designing Your Childcare or School Space

  Utilizing every inch of your childcare center or school in the most effective way possible will provide a much better environment for the children, the parents, the teachers, and your profitability. Efficiency is one of traits that promotes and inspires professionalism. Professional ownership, promotes professional management promotes better teachers and more attentive, happier andContinue Reading

Building The Team For Your Childcare Center or School

  When you consider your teachers and staff in your childcare company or school, it’s important that you think of them as a cohesive unit—not just individuals working in the same building.  Building a team that works well together can sometimes be a challenge, but the following steps should help you. Here we go. 1)  Continue Reading

How Much Should My Major Expenses Be For My School or Childcare Center?

  You may find it surprising to learn that many people in the early education industry have never known how much some of their primary expenses should be.  Oftentimes, we come into the business and we find a way to make it work and then we stop looking for ways to continue improving.  You canContinue Reading

What Should I Expect When A New Center or School Opens Close To Me?

  Here are ten things you should expect when a new competitor opens close to your center or school: Private chatter amongst your parents. Private chatter amongst your staff. Both parents and staff asking you what you think of the new place. Your new competitor will check your tuition rates and business practices. Your newContinue Reading

How Much Are Capital Gains Taxes?

  In case you don’t know, Capital Gains is the tax you pay when you sell a “capital asset” for a profit.  Capital assets are the things you own such as real estate, furniture, fixtures, equipment, stocks, bonds, houses, cars…etc.  Basically, it includes nearly everything you use in your childcare company or school as wellContinue Reading

The State Is Cutting Our Subsidy. What Can I Do?

  Unfortunately and in spite of all of the political promises, funding cuts are becoming all too common for early education companies.  The situation is difficult, but this problem has to be managed like any other.  You need to make sure your company is positioned properly or you need to re-position if you’re already caughtContinue Reading