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Sale and Leaseback Transactions

  Sale and Leaseback transactions (SLB) can give you more cash, less debt and allow you to continue operating your childcare company or school without interruption. These transactions are as simple as they sound. You sell your real estate (not your business) for full market value and simultaneously lease it back from that same person… Continue Reading

The Importance of Communication In Your Childcare Company or School

  Developing good relationships with parents, teachers, vendors and your students is a key component to operating a successful childcare center or school. Every aspect of your childcare facility – staff satisfaction, parent interaction, teaching the children, managing your staff – comes down to effective communication. Communication skills are critical to developing and nurturing these… Continue Reading

Starting a Childcare Company or School

  Here are the basics… Know the competition. Know the demographics. Know the traffic patterns. Know the political and budget discussions for the state, county and city/town. Know the school system including locations of elementary schools, potential for partnerships like latchkey programs and any plans schools may have for competing in our industry. Know the… Continue Reading

Designing Your Childcare or School Space

  Utilizing every inch of your childcare center or school in the most effective way possible will provide a much better environment for the children, the parents, the teachers, and your profitability. Efficiency is one of traits that promotes and inspires professionalism. Professional ownership, promotes professional management promotes better teachers and more attentive, happier and… Continue Reading