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Sell Your Early Education Company

Early Education Company Divestitures

Are you thinking about selling?

Are you worried that it won't go well?

Are you worried someone will find out about the sale?

With 25+ years of experience, more than two decades of a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and licensed professionals in 42 states and Washington DC, BFS® knows how to take care of you and your divestiture. BFS® is the leading U.S. brokerage and consulting firm in the early education industry. With individual sales ranging from $1,000,000 to more than $30,000,000, we work closely with you while simultaneously micromanaging the process for you.

How is BFS® different from other brokerage firms?

The standard model for a brokerage firm is to sign clients, put up advertising and wait to see who responds to the advertising. These buyers may or may not be qualified to buy your company. Founded in 1993, BFS® has secured more than 5,000 buyers. These buyers are prequalified financially and educationally before they know the identity of your company. You can see the number of buyers looking to buy centers and schools in your state in the list below. This list is updated every 30 days. In short, when we take our clients to market, we’re talking to qualified buyers on Day 1. We’re not looking for buyers.

How do I know BFS® can really do these things?

References are always available for you. Please talk with our former clients. Ask them about anything that concerns you. They probably had the same concerns before their sale.

Some brokerage firms represent buyers and sellers. Does BFS® represent the buyers too?

No. We only represent you, our selling client. BFS® never represents both sides of the same transaction.

Why do buyers come to BFS® to buy centers and schools?

Buyers come to purchase BFS® client companies for two primary reasons. One, BFS® represents high-quality centers and schools across all demographics. Two, BFS® provides what is commonly acknowledged as the best seller portfolio in the business so buyer due diligence is faster and easier. This practice of providing detailed and truthful information has led some buyers to return and purchase multiple BFS® client companies. Some buyers have such confidence in BFS® materials that they have made offers for BFS® client companies before they’ve seen the business in person.

Here are the number of buyers engaged with BFS® for the purpose of buying centers and schools in your state. Again, this list is updated every 30 days. Call us today. We'll be happy to answer any questions for you.

Alabama (264)
Arizona (221)
Arkansas (233)
California (565)
Colorado (227)
Connecticut (463)
Delaware (361)
Georgia (494)
Idaho (156)
Illinois (486)
Indiana (293)
Iowa (201)
Kansas (218)
Kentucky (296)

Louisiana (248)
Maryland (264)
Massachusetts (435)
Minnesota (253)
Mississippi (208)
Missouri (314)
Michigan (337)
Nebraska (203)
Nevada (184)
New Hampshire (194)
New Jersey (605)
New Mexico (203)
New York (586)
North Carolina (384)

Ohio (577)
Oklahoma (172)
Oregon (180)
Pennsylvania (602)
Rhode Island (216)
South Carolina (326)
Tennessee (553)
Texas (532)
Utah (160)
Vermont (173)
Virginia (409)
Washington (292)   DC (68)
West Virginia (198)
Wisconsin (296)

If you would like more detail to help alleviate some of the confusion typically associated with selling an early education company, we have outlined our process below.

  1. No Cost / No Obligation Minimum Value Estimate--While it certainly isn’t required, we recommend that you allow us to provide you with a free minimum value estimate of the worth of your business before you sign any agreement with us. Call us with your most recent tax return in-hand along any benefits you get from your company (health insurance, company car…etc.), and we will provide you with this conservative estimate of your business' market value in approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Informational Package--Upon your request, we will send a complete informational package to you that will include references, a copy of our Finder’s Consulting Fee Agreement (“FCFA”) and the BFS® Questionnaire that will be the cornerstone of your portfolio. We will complete the Questionnaire and build the portfolio for you before we take you to market. We send the Questionnaire to you up front so you can see everything from the very beginning--no surprises.
  3. Evaluation--Upon receipt of your signed FCFA, we will meet you at your company for the evaluation. Our discretion will ensure that your staff will not know the reason for our visit. The evaluation process serves the following purposes:
    a. Determine and support the correct market value of your company.
    b. Increase your income / profits during the selling period (before closing).
    c. Prepare you (and your CPA if you like) to maximize your after-tax compensation.
    d. Increase your company’s efficiency and marketability.
  4. Preparation / Introduction / Discretion--Once we have received the information we need from you, it will take up to 10 days for us to prepare the comprehensive sales portfolio for your company and enter market. The buyers that you see in the list above will be contacted on the first day of market entry. Again, the identity of your company will not be revealed to any buyer until they have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and they have been approved by you. This practice keeps you in control of which buyers see your portfolio.
  5. Negotiation--We will have a thorough understanding of your company and your requirements. We will work closely with you, your attorney and your CPA firm to ensure that you maximize the after-tax profits from your sale. It is our position to represent you aggressively and effectively, but you are the only one who decides if an offer is acceptable or not.
  6. Transition--We do not disappear after closing. We will guide you through the pre and post-closing transition of your company. It is vitally important that your employees, parents and vendors learn of the change in ownership in a well-organized environment. From notifying licensing at the right time and in the right way to letters for your staff and parents, we make sure that you are ahead of the curve at every turn. Stress is what people feel when they don’t know what they’re doing. Being well-prepared is the cure for stress.
  7. Closing--Lastly, we along with your attorney, will prepare you for closing day. Whether there is a formal meeting to sign the documents or money is simply wired into your account, we will make sure that nothing is overlooked.

There are many ways to sell your early education company in whole or in part. In a Sale and Leaseback (SLB) transaction, you can sell your real estate and continue running your business without interruption. Assuming you have equity in your real estate, a SLB transaction can allow you to increase your cash reserves, increase your profits, reduce your real estate taxes and more. For more information, click here.

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