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Financing For Early Education Companies
The commercial mortgage brokerage services of BFS® and its affiliates is available throughout the contiguous United States.

We know more than banks and bankers. We know the business of education. The commercial mortgage brokerage services of BFS® and its affiliates are used to ensure that our clients get the very best financing terms possible for their education related projects.

We work with over 60 different lenders nationwide. These lenders compete with each other to earn your business. If you would like to include your own bank in the competition, that’s fine too. At a minimum, you will know what the finance market has to offer you. You’ll know if your bank is really giving you the best deal. It’s very easy to walk into a bank and say you want a loan, but a very small difference in interest rates or some other factor can make that convenience very expensive.

We make sure you have options. Many of us have worked with banks and listened to a loan officer say...We’re very interested…we’re definitely interested…Yes…Yes…Yes…No. This disappointing process occurs because the loan officer who talks with you wants to make the loan, but the loan officer doesn’t dictate the bank’s lending policy.  

That’s why we underwrite your loan request to industry standards and solicit (on a no-name basis) multiple lenders simultaneously to ensure we’re successful at getting your project financed.

Loans range from $300,000 to $20,000,000, and BFS® lenders routinely provide 85% to 90% financing. In some cases, loans can exceed 90% of the total project pending the project and your qualifications. No matter what type of early education project, lenders can provide pre-approval of most loans within five business days of receipt of preliminary application documents, and we’ll fill out the application for you. You just provide the information.

If you would like to talk with a BFS® professional about your financing options, please call 800-467-1774 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) or simply complete the brief Financing Form below and a BFS® representative will contact you promptly and discreetly to discuss your needs.

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