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Additional References and Contact Information Are Available Upon Request.

Brad Barnett did a great job and helped me sell my school for the maximum amount of money listed. He answered every question, walked me through the process, and relieved or eliminated any anxiety I had had during it. There were no questions that he could not answer.

Even more impressive is that we started during the pandemic, and everything was done on the phone and Zoom. It was just a great experience and great buyers for our school. Also, Lisa was super and was always quick to get back to me for any emails or texts I sent. They were professional and the best move I made.

Erick V. Gallegos
Former owner of Cardinal Montessori School
Woodbridge, Virginia 

Dear Brad,

I first discovered BFS®, Inc. on the web in 2018 and was intrigued by the special focus of your business.  We were in our 30th year of operation, but my wife and her business partner were not ready to sell their daycare at that time. But I knew that when they were, BFS® was the broker we needed, because of your long-term experience and broad-based network of operation.

When your book came out, I immediately bought it and focused on the sale sections for guidance.  Then we contacted you and your process began.  We met in June 2022 when you flew from Nashville for our meeting and things became active almost immediately. In a period of high inflation and steadily rising interest rates, we received over 40 non-disclosures from interested parties.  Our center sold today, August 31, 2023, due to the highly effective manner that BFS® marketed, coached and coordinated the sale.  I must also mention that BFS® Client Coordinator, Lisa Smiley, was wonderfully helpful behind the scenes.

To others who are thinking of selling, I highly recommend that you read Brad’s book, “How 1000s of Childcare Centers and Schools are Making Millions”.  If you are as impressed by it as we were, then contact Brad to discuss your center and make your own millions.

Lou Marconi
Small Wonder Daycare, Inc.
Wilmington, DE

Dear Brad & Lisa,

Deciding to sell a center that you have invested so much time and energy in isn’t an easy thing to do. Selling during a pandemic is probably even tougher.  That is exactly what BFS® / Barnett Real Estate helped us to accomplish in 2021.  Brad was exceptionally patient and understanding through a stressful time in the industry.  He helped us to understand the process and his procedures are set-up to make the process as easy as it can be.  The system BFS® has in place helps you follow a step-by-step method to guide you through a most likely unfamiliar process.  I felt I could ask any question and Brad was always responsive in a kind manner.  We had explored selling prior to the pandemic and then the pandemic hit.  We worried that it was the worst time, but Brad and his team diligently worked to accomplish our next step in selling our Center at a price that was in alignment with what we thought it was worth. We cannot recommend him highly enough and are happy to talk with anyone personally.  Just reach-out to Brad he knows where to find us!

Thank you again and I will be working on those referrals! 

Tracy Jost
Former President, Kid’s Campus Early Learning Center, Inc.
Dunkirk, MD.  20754

Brad Barnett and BFS®

We live in the small town of Dayton Nevada, outside of Carson City. I am the mother of five grown children and am very passionate about childcare. In 1998, my husband and I purchased a large child care center licensed for 100 children. As the president, owner, operator, and director of the center for 22 years, I was very involved in all aspects of the center. Approximately three years after we opened the center, I received a postcard from a company out of state called BFS® stating they could help sell the center if I was ever interested. For some reason I kept that postcard for years. We successfully operated the center for 20 years when I felt it was time to retire and sell the center.

Because we live in a small town, I felt it might help using local real estate agents to list the center and property. After nine months, I realized I needed someone who knew the specifics of selling a child care business, knew the language, and knew about dealing with bankers. I remembered that little postcard I had filed away almost 20 years earlier. And not by coincidence, I received that same card in the mail again that very week. I contacted Brad Barnett at BFS® and arranged for him to fly to Nevada to see our center. He is professional every step of the way and really knows the child care business. He successfully set the price and handled every aspect and obstacle along the way.

Once we found a qualified buyer, it probably took an additional nine months but it was well worth it. Brad’s methodical step-by-step approach is carefully laid out and he worked closely with us and the buyer. Brad was easy to reach and always got back to us in a timely manner. We are very happy we chose Brad‘s company to handle our sale. What I realized along the way was to have a knowledgeable person dealing with the sale of child care, it is very specific and bankers don’t understand the business. Not only does BFS® handle the sale, but Brad was able to find our buyers and a bank that understood the child care business as well. Joe and I are very pleased with our professional experience with Brad and his company. His dedication, integrity, trustworthiness, and knowledge of the field separate him from all others. At any time we felt stress or obstacles, a quick call or text to Brad and he quickly and calmly resolved each situation. We highly recommend retaining Brad and BFS® for a successful sale and retirement.

Susan Joyner
Former Owner/Operator/Director of Dayton Valley Learning Center

It is with the greatest respect I offer this letter of reference for Brad Barnet and his team at Barnett Financial Services, Inc. I cannot thank Brad and his team enough for staying the course in marketing our childcare business for sale over a period of several years as the business struggled to survive through difficult economic times.

In the end Brad and his team brought it home with a big win. Our company was sold for top dollar during the COVID pandemic. Thanks to Brad's expertise, tenacity, and talent for bringing two sides to common, ground, success was inevitable. I particularly am thankful to Brad for his calming demeanor which more times that I wish to admit was sorely needed to keep the ship headed in the right direction. Thank you for everything Brad...your efforts brought retirement to my door!

Laura Shepard
Pal's Early Childhood Care and Learning Center

When I made the decision to sell my childcare center and retire, I contacted Brad Barnett at BFS®. I was impressed with his knowledge and marketing abilities in the childcare business & his already existing portfolio of potential buyers. We arranged for him to visit the center and signed the contracts that day.

Brad was a pleasure to work with and you could depend on him to follow through on all he promised. His professionalism showed when dealing with potential buyers and his many contacts in the childcare industry. We signed the contracts in February 2020 & by July 2020 we were already working with the buyer - Brad was able to secure this deal for us, even in the middle of COVID times.

I highly recommend Brad and BFS® as they provide honest, professional service and are always available to handle any concerns. I am very happy that I chose BFS® to sell my center - it was a pleasure to work with Brad.

Mary Paglinco
Previous Owner of Bee U Learning Center

When I decided to sell my two childcare centers, I didn’t know where to start so I used Google and among many local brokers, BFS® came up. My initial thought was that a local broker would give me the best guidance and sale price, since they had more intimate knowledge of the area but that ended up not being true. Brad not only calculated the initial asking price higher than the other brokers I spoke with, he also negotiated a second asking price which was much higher after I had provided verification of increased revenues and profit. In the end, we closed the deal with a sale price that was twice as much as my local brokers had originally estimated.

Higher asking price is only one of many reasons to hire BFS® to broker your childcare center sale. Brad provides prompt, courteous responses to the many questions and anxieties that selling your business brings. His answers are concise. He also reminds you that he is there to guide you and provide information but ultimately, as the seller, you are the one who makes the decisions regarding the sale.

Finally, BFS® has an extensive portfolio of buyers which allowed me to sell my two childcare centers to someone with substantial childcare experience and who will care for them in a way similar to how I have cared for them.

I would highly recommend Brad and his staff to facilitate the sale of your business.

Michele L Warner, Owner
Bee My Baby Childcare and Preschool
North Olmsted, Ohio
Lakewood, Ohio

Brad Barnett from BFS® impressed me from my first phone call with him to Brad getting on a plane and traveling over 800 miles to (discreetly) tour my childcare center. After the tour Brad took the time to discuss and determine my goals. He did this with an extensive gathering of information. This provided him with the information he needed to understand and explain my childcare business to potential buyers. BFS® also created the correct marketing materials and the accurate pricing for my center.

After working with Brad and his BFS® team, I can attest that seeking their services was the best choice for achieving my professional and personal goals. I had originally worked with another local M&A firm prior to BFS®. It was not a positive experience. Because of Brad’s knowledgeable expertise he was able to provide many qualified potential buyers, many making offers. I was fortunate enough to be able to choose which company I felt was the perfect match for my childcare company.

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced and dedicated group to help with your exit planning and beyond, BFS® will be the only call you need to make. Thank you for all you did from my first phone call....

Mary Innocenzi, CEO
The Village Learning Center
Pennington, NJ

TO: Owners of Preschools & Montessori Schools


We have been an innovator and leader in the childcare industry for the State of Ohio for 50 years. Recently we decided it was time to sell our family business consisting of multiple Montessori Schools and Child Care Centers. Our centers served close to 2000 children per day. We discussed and investigated the best approach to take with our bankers, business associates, investment advisors, and industry brokers.

It did not take long for us to realize that Brad Barnett of BFS®/Barnett Real Estate Services, Inc. was the best person/organization to retain to sell our business. His industry knowledge, practical philosophy, professional approach, and personal commitment proved to us that he would find the best match to sell our centers and continue our family legacy. Brad’s approach was always upfront, honest, supportive, and we could count on him to deliver whatever he committed to do for us.

It did not take Brad long before we had multiple offers to consider! Brad was even instrumental in providing us with background on each potential suiter because he took the time to understand what was important to us in addition to asking price. Brad also worked with us throughout the process to ensure we would maximize our value. I would highly recommend Brad and his organization to anyone considering selling or acquiring child care centers and/or Montessori Schools!

Philip Wenk, Ph.D., MBA
Creative Playrooms, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

After 20 years in the childcare business, our partnership decided to sell our center. We located BFS® through an internet search and after speaking with Brad, decided to list the business with him. Throughout the process, Brad provided us with good information and advice. Though the facility was located in a smaller community, BFS® was able to market our business to a much higher number of potential buyers than we would have had access to locally.

Ultimately, we sold the center to a buyer with the desire to maintain what we built over the years and continue to provide needed care to children in the community for years to come.

We appreciate the work of BFS® in helping us achieve our goal.

Eric Robeson
Little Wings, LLC

To whom it may concern:

When we decided to sell our day care, we looked into several firms and did an in-depth research before deciding on which firm would be best for us. We are very happy that we chose Brad Barnett and his company for the sale of our business.

Throughout the initial stages, the negotiations for the sale and getting ready for closing Brad provided us with excellent professional support and guidance throughout the process, which was extremely helpful to us.

We would highly recommend Brad for anyone looking to sell their daycare business.

Blanca Knoll, President
Ron Knoll, Treasurer
Sante Fe Childcare, Inc.
New Providence, NJ

To Daycare Center Owners:

After 23 years as owners of Kid's Castle Child Care Learning Center in Brookfield, CT., my husband, Mike and I sold our center. We could not have done this without the help of Brad Barnett at BFS®. Our lease was expiring in 5 months, which is not an ideal situation for a buyer to enter. Yet, Brad was able to bring us together with someone willing to strike a good deal with our landlord. There were many obstacles along the way and Brad was there for me to vent and continue with the sale.

Although at first we felt his broker's fee was high - we realized it was well worth it. BFS® deals strictly with day care centers, and not only from our state but throughout the whole country; affording us a wide range of interested parties. In fact our buyer is from Chicago. He felt he got a good deal, and we got a price that was more than double the price we wanted before talking with Brad / BFS®. Brad set up a very professional win/win situation. We couldn't have been happier. We signed up with BFS® in July 2017 and sold on March 26, 2018. I would highly recommend BFS® to anyone considering selling their day care center.

Cathy DeFreitas, Owner / Director
Kid's Castle Child Care Learning Center
Brookfield, CT

To Owners of Early Education Companies:

After talking with Brad Barnett off and on for years, we hired BFS® to represent us in the sale of our two childcare centers in Christiana and New Castle, Delaware. We met with Brad. He explained the process in detail and told us it usually takes six months to a year to complete.

We entered the market on December 14, 2015. BFS® brought 18 pre-qualified buyers during December and January, and we accepted an offer for both centers in early February 2016. We were off and running, but there were many difficulties to navigate during the process. I doubt that most transactions are as difficult as ours, but every time it looked like we were at an impasse, BFS® found a way to make it work. Ultimately, we closed in August with a cash deal for both centers.

If you're considering selling your schools, you couldn't be in better hands. They explain everything up front. They do genuinely professional work. They keep their word.

Dan Frost, President
Panda Early Education Centers

When my parents decided they were ready to sell their schools and retire, we wanted to be sure the process was managed professionally. As the schools are in a relatively small Connecticut town (Ridgefield), we also knew that we would need to be very careful to keep the potential sale(s) secret until the time was right to go public with the news. So after considerable research, we hired BFS®.

Brad Barnett met with my parents Nan and Stu Howkins, our CPA, and I at my parents' home. He was honest and direct and provided us with realistic expectations regarding both the value of the businesses and the various stages of the process of selling. As the two schools were materially different, Brad said that the primary focus would be to sell both schools to the same buyer, however, it may be necessary to sell the schools to different buyers. We understood BFS® created professional portfolios for each of the schools, and we entered the market at the end of February 2015. For our first and larger school, we had offers from two buyers (pre-qualified by BFS® ) and chose the best offer from the stronger company. Surprisingly, the buyer was from the other side of the country, but we signed a Letter of Intent with them on March 25, 2015. It was a lot of work to produce all of the documents required for the sale, but our deal closed in August for a higher value than we expected.

Our second and smaller school required a different type of buyer. Again, we had offers from multiple buyers and chose the buyer we preferred. We signed a Letter of Intent in December 2015 and closed the second deal four months later, late March.

The BFS® team was there for everything we needed in both transactions. They didn't just find buyers and sell the schools. They used their detailed knowledge of the market and our specific area to maximize the benefits to our family. You can really see their experience and professionalism in the way they are prepared for everything before it happens. If you're planning to sell an early education company, these are the people that you want with you.

Heidi Lockwood
Nan Howkins, President
Stu Howkins, Secretary
The Children's Corner, Inc.
Kaleidoscope Kids, Inc.

Good Morning Brad,

I took the weeks before Christmas to relax and have just started wrapping up a few things.

When it was time for me to sell my daycare, I was fortunate to have found BFS®, Inc. Brad presents a professional and knowledgeable insight to the sale of childcare facilities. My center was small in size, but I was treated with respect and importance. Brad understood my connection with the business I owned for 19 years. The actual sale of the center went smoothly and Brad was available to answer questions.

Best Regards,
Dot Meagher, President
Little House Learning Center
O'Fallon, MO


It was a pleasure to talk with you by phone recently. It has been quite a few years, but it seems that you and your firm haven’t missed a beat. Congratulations!

I want this e-mail to serve as a strong endorsement of BFS®/Brad Barnett and recommendation to anyone seeking to purchase or sell preschool businesses anywhere in this country. My opinion is that BFS® is THE company to broker preschool businesses.

As you know, we got know to you entirely by phone and e-mail over a period of two or three years. So, when I decided to list our business with BFS®, it was indeed a leap of faith. I remember that at the time we embarked on the process, I was dreading the experience. You and BFS® put that trepidation to rest----and quickly.

October, 2007 was the time of the sale of our business and the negotiation of a 10 year lease of the land and buildings (which we still own). My recollection is that the transaction was done in a period of about 60 days. Amazing! The prompt results were due to you and your firm’s expertise, efficient preparation of the offer to sell, and most importantly, your knowledge of our immediate market area, including active buyers and sellers.

Personally, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your easy going, amiable personality, and knowledge of the preschool industry made putting together the portfolio an easy and thorough process.

Thanks, again, Brad; I hope this reference will help you gain some new clients.

Best Regards,
Ron S.
Ron Stephens, Former President
Teddy Bear Treehouse Preschools, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Owning Rainbow Kids for nearly 16 years and being faced with foreclosure, the options of selling it were extremely limited. It was just sheer luck that I had seen the postcard about BFS® and the services they provide on a unique and effective way to sell a child care center. It intrigued me how the company specifically only sold childcare centers and schools and I quickly learned how thorough and knowledgeable they were about the entire process. Having sold numerous houses with various realtors over a 15 year span of renovating distressed properties I had some experience with selling a property. Given this prior experience, I became even more impressed with my primary point of contact being with Brad Barnett who is the President and Broker for BFS® (Barnett Real Estate Services, Inc.).

The main problem in selling any business is keeping the sale confidential. BFS® helped me turn the center around, and they had buyers ready to purchase the childcare center on hand. Over the many years and hundreds of transactions they have perfected the business of facilitating the sale of childcare centers and schools. Not only do they contact their massive list of qualified potential buyers but they contact thousands of other child care centers all without disclosing the name of the center to be sold. Having the contact list of buyers is impressive but what impressed me more was that they would prequalify ANY potential buyer to make sure they had the funds and education necessary to complete the transaction, saving time for everyone involved, which for sellers like myself is of the essence.

My sale from start to finish was done in less than 1 year (7 months to be exact). I had multiple parties interested and in the end I was able to choose the buyer which I never could have done had I gone with a regular realtor. In fact, any other realtor would have had open houses, listed on the realtor listing site and everyone would have known my center was for sale, employees would leave and parents would find alternate care…selling through BFS®, in my opinion, is the only option to not only sell a childcare center but to sell it as an operating center which yields the maximum profit.

Brad and his staff not only surpassed my expectations during the sale and assisted to resolve any of the inevitable issues which arise when dealing with attorneys but even after the sale he continued to help with post-closing issues that I hadn’t even thought of. During the process, it became clear to me that he was not just another realtor, he was an expert in this field and anytime I got worried as my banks foreclosure date loomed, Brad stepped in to ensure the timeline was met and the deal was closed.

I would have been relieved to simply sell my center and not have the penalties involved in foreclosing and having 22 staff members and 99 parents to explain why the center was shut down. My asking price was $1.2 million and I received $1,195,000….nobody except for BFS® could have achieved that level of success. I would highly recommend them in the purchase or sale of any childcare center or school and you will find their level of professionalism and expertise will help you to surpass any goals you have set for the transaction.

James Sullivan, President
Rainbow Kids Learning Center
Norton, MA

Dear Brad,

I wanted to thank you & Lisa for all that you did to expedite the sale of our Center.

I have to be honest that I was initially cynical about using your services. As you know, I have a background in finance; I have been in the industry for almost 25 years and I have worked in real estate. Add to that the fact that I have been on both sides of the fence, as a seller & a buyer innumerable times, without the services of a broker. I therefore questioned what your Company could bring to the table that I was not already bringing.

I am now a convert. What you & your Company bring to the table is beyond my ‘pay grade’ & my Universe! I will never sell another Center, without using your services.

It was an unmitigated pleasure working with you & Lisa.

Many thanks
Warmest regards,
Donny Banerji, President
A Child's World
Jamestown, NC

To Whom it may Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of BFS® to you. The most important aspect of selling the school for us was making sure the new owners would treat the children, parents and staff as family, the way we had done during our many years operating the school. Brad was able to understand this important element above and beyond his excellent ability in determining the value of the business and bringing qualified buyers to the table.

He was there from start to finish, helping in direct and indirect manners to ensure a smooth close and subsequent transition. We highly recommend his services in this specific area, and I would have to say that there is a reason for them being the largest in the nation.

Eric Alino
Vice President
Vinland & Associates, Inc.

To the BFS® Team,

Thank you for your assistance in selling our preschool. Your attention to detail, professionalism, and constant support allowed for a potentially difficult and confusing venture to occur without a hitch. I would and will definitely refer your services to others looking to sell their daycare/preschool.

Thanks again,
John Zavisa, Former Owner
Small Wonders Nursery and Preschool
Murfreesboro, TN

To Whom it may Concern,

We contacted Barnett Financial Services for the sale of our late sister's daycare center because they specialize in child care facilities. After compiling the information for the portfolio, BFS® quickly found us a buyer. We are pleased and believe this happened so quickly because they know their business and are well connected in the industry. Thanks to Brad, Jeff and the rest of the team for their professionalism and keeping us informed of the tasks 'along the way' to complete the sale.

Shawna Freels and Melinda Snyder
Antioch Early Learning Center, Inc.
Antioch, IL

Dear Jeff,

I want to thank you for the excellent service that you provided during the sale of our center. You and your company have done an excellent job of overseeing the complete evaluation, listing, and sales process that we have gone through. When we first contacted you, both my wife and I were comforted by your knowledge of the Child Care industry. We considered using a local business broker or realtor, but we finally decided to use your company because of your in depth knowledge of this industry. When Brad came out to our center to look at the building and business, the first thing that I was impressed with was his concern for keeping the news of the sale private. Your company did a wonderful job in assisting us in breaking the news to the employees and our customers. We were able to take the form letter that you had, and make some small changes and use it for our notifications.

I am also grateful for your experience in dealing with both us as the seller and some issues we had with the buyer. Your skill in negotiation was invaluable to keep the sale moving forward. Although this process took longer than either you or I wanted, it was not due to anything that either one of us could have changed.

If you have any other customers that are looking to sell their center and they want references, feel free to show them this letter or better yet, have them call me and I will do everything in my power to let them know how well I was treated. I look forward to meeting you in person some day. I will keep you in mind as I travel towards Nashville each spring.

Thanks again.

David and Gabi Hall
Flying Dozer Child Care
Johnstown, OH

Dear Brad,

Thanks for all the help with the sale of our school. We really appreciate everything you did. We look forward to working together in the future.

Aaron and Susan Kweskin
Red Apple Preschool, LLC
Valley Village, CA

Dear Jeff,

We wish to thank you for making the sale of Rainbow Academy & Learning Center be accomplished so smoothly. Because it was a combination child care and elementary school, it was difficult to find a buyer qualified and willing to handle both entities. In addition, since it was our "life's work" for thirty-three years, it was difficult for us to turn it over to anyone. But you found the perfect couple to continue our vision and gave us a feeling of supreme satisfaction.

The many hours spent by you giving both us and the buyer advice was invaluable. Your professionalism throughout each stage of the marketing process was most helpful in accomplishing the task. You were most willing to talk with our lawyer, our CPA and any others involved in the sale who had questions.

Throughout the process, you remained patient and professional in every way. We will not hesitate to recommend BFS® as a broker to anyone seeking a buyer for their educational facility. We feel that through the process we not only have been allowed to retire, but we have gained a friend.

Thanks again for providing such excellent service to us. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Len and Shirley Wilde
Rainbow Academy and Learning Center
Rockford, IL

Dear Brad,

I would like to take this opportunity to reference BFS® Financial Services and Brad Barnett for brokering the sale of the Learning Ladder Schools.

Selling a business can be a complex and arduous process that warrants the talents, expertise and knowledge of a professional. I don't know how I could have done it without you. After determining a marketable sales price for each one of the schools, you procured a corporate buyer and successfully negotiated the transaction, thus achieving a most positive outcome. You were timely in your response and were impressive with the complete knowledge of the course of actions necessary to navigate through the maze of documents and due diligence required. As this was first for Learning Ladder, your guidance was most appreciated and valued.

I would highly recommend BFS® to broker the acquisition and/or sale of a childcare facility without hesitation. Please feel free to forward my name to any potential client for a most favorable recommendation.

Carole Revell, CEO
Learning Ladder Schools
Lancaster, PA

To Whom It May Concern:

Cheryl and I want to thank you for helping us sell our child care center. Although Cheryl was a bit reluctant, I convinced her that it was past my retirement. After doing a little research and meeting with you we were convinced that BFS® was the company to promote the sale of our child center. I must say we were not disappointed. Your knowledge of the business and your professionalism produced a quick sale, even though we had a few bumps along the way, with your guidance and skillful knowledge, the sale was completed to our satisfaction.

We happily recommend BFS® to anyone contemplating the sale of their child care business as an excellent company to do business with.

Thanks again!

John and Cheryl Karay
Former Owners of Kinder Kollege, Inc.
Hopkinsville, KY

To Whom It May Concern:

Anyone working with children comes to realize you put a part of yourself in raising a child, and when the time comes for the child to move on you must let go and watch. This is a difficult process. This is how I felt when the time came to sell my center. I knew it was time for it to happen, but wanted to know when I let go, it would be the best result for the center, including the employees, children and parents.

Due to the nature of the community I live in, I knew the selling process would need to remain quiet and confidential. In the beginning this is why I decided to sign on with Barnett Financial Services, Inc. They not only knew how to keep matters quiet, but knew the child care field. I first met with Brad, who assisted me in completing the necessary paperwork and calculating the figures for an accurate selling price. Brad was confident in his work, honest, and pleasant with me throughout this time.

I went on to work with Jeff. Most of my experience is working with Jeff. Jeff never wavered in working with me. I can become difficult when I feel overwhelmed, and Jeff always took the time with me and calmed me down to where I could understand and contemplate the situation. Jeff is honest, hardworking, and diligent. He always took the time, and made himself available to me.

Although I knew I was not the only client of BFS®, he made me feel as though I was the only client. Based upon my personal experience with Barnett Financial Services, Inc., I strongly recommend them to everyone contemplating the sale of their center. BFS® keeps all matters confidential, assisting in matching the centers needs with prospective buyers, and even makes sure the licensing is completed correctly within your state's guidelines. They are professional, courteous, hard working, knowledgeable, and diligent. This is the best company to sell your child care center.

Renee Vergauwen
Retired Owner
Growing Hands Day Care and Preschool, LLC
Waupaca, WI

To Whom It May Concern:

As the recent past owner of Pleasant Day Schools, LLC (PDS) it is my pleasure to comment on the performance of Brad Barnett and his Barnett Financial Services (BFS®) team in acting as our broker for the sale of PDS. PDS, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, was the first child care center in the state to achieve national accreditation by the NAEYC. Licensed for 207 children and having a staff of 45 teachers and support personnel, PDS had become a very strong business. As owners, my wife and I were ready to retire and decided to sell PDS while it was such an attractive investment for a buyer wanting to initially get into the child care business or expand an existing involvement in this field.

We had received information about BFS® approximately five years ago, but were not yet ready to sell PDS. When updated information on BFS® was received in August 2006 we contacted Brad and asked him to come to Morgantown to discuss the possible sale of PDS. He arrived soon thereafter and from the first moment we met him we were impressed with his professional demeanor and very personal approach to learning about PDS. We quickly decided that we would list PDS with BFS® and set about working closely with Brad to get the necessary "up front documentation" prepared. BFS® did a great job in preparing a sales booklet for PDS and Brad had prospective buyers identified within short notice.

Within two months a serious buyer made an initial offer to buy PDS and Brad successfully negotiated a sales contract acceptable to both sides. His experience as a broker in obtaining the best possible price and terms for us was invaluable. During the following three months Brad did a superb job in coordinating the many details that had to be dealt with in leading up to closing on the sale. There were only a few "bumps in the road" as we neared closing. In each case Brad quickly and efficiently resolved the issues at hand, thus enabling the closing process to proceed on schedule.In summary, Brad and the BFS® team gave us tremendous service in completing the sale of PDS. I highly recommend that he be utilized in listing any size child care center for sale. A desired outcome will undoubtedly be obtained within a reasonable time at a very fair and reasonable cost.

Art Tribbie
Pleasant Day Schools
Morgantown WV 26505

Dear Jeff:

We both wanted to thank you and your company for the sale of our center. Since we are located in a very rural area of Middle Tennessee, we knew it would be difficult to sell locally. We wanted a company such as yours that specialized in the sell of childcare centers. During the time it took to sell the center, we were very impressed with the discreet manner in which the sale was handled. I would recommend your company to anyone wanting to sell a company that understands the ins and outs of childcare. Steve and I thank you for this past year of hard work and dedication.

Thanks Jeff and BFS®!

Maria Jones, Former President
Steve Jones, Former Vice-President
K&L Adventures, Inc. d/b/a Cumberland Family Center
Sparta, TN

To Whom It May Concern:

Brad Barnett of BFS® was our broker for selling our business and property, a private school and childcare facility. We chose Brad because he not only had tremendous experience in selling schools and childcare businesses, it is his exclusive domain. BFS® had effective systems in place to ensure that the marketing and sell of our business was very discrete and allowed us to screen all inquiries. This was a very high priority for us.

Brad was very patient with us and spent as much time as was needed with us and potential buyers in order to sell our business. We found him to be professional, organized and responsive. He was easily accessible by phone or email. Brad, himself, is very personable, diplomatic and an effective communicator. These traits are important in guiding negotiations smoothly. We highly recommend Brad and BFS® to anyone who is considering selling a school or childcare business.

Laura Witmondt, Former President
Richard Witmondt, Former Secretary / Treasurer
Village Montessori School of Roswell, Inc.
Roswell, GA

Dear Jeff,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing the sale of our child center and real property to completion smoothly.

From start to finish, your diligence, organization, thoroughness and thoughtfulness were remarkable. When your brother, Brad Barnett, President of BFS®, visited our center here in the Cleveland suburb and sat down with us at our home to assess the value of our business, we at once realized we were dealing with a childcare pro for a broker. And then when you took on to market the business; we were treated to impeccable professionalism.

In the process of preparation of documents for the sale and eventually closing, we had a pleasant experience to have all our questions answered promptly and thoroughly and all appropriate guidance provided. During the negotiation process, your astuteness was impressive in helping us to achieve our price target. Your knowledge of and resourcefulness with the lender was of enormous value in securing the loan for the buyer.

In a project of such significance, there is a bound to be a minor speed bump or two in the process. But your natural patience and calmness and perseverance and a touch of humor were very helpful in keeping the sale process going and bringing it to a successful completion.

As you know, we built this center from the ground up some 23 years ago and we worked to establish and extended family environment in the center and solid reputation in the community. In line with our wishes, you found us a buyer who plans to maintain the same tradition of superior childcare.

Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would be glad to speak for you. In our retirement, we plan to travel a good bit. If we happen to be in the Nashville area, we might drop in to say hello. Please give our regards to Brad and your excellent office staff. Once again thank you for a good job.

Avtar Ahuja, Ph.D., Former President
Narinder Ahuja, Former Director
Heights Edu-Care Center, Inc.
Cleveland Heights, OH

I feel relieved... I know when all is said and done, Mrs. [ ] will make the center a great place to work and for parents to bring their children. Thanks for all your help.

Rene` M. Neff
Former President
Learning Blocks Child Care Center
Galax, VA

Dear Childcare Company Owner,

We hired BFS® to sell our childcare company based on their track record of many successful childcare sales in New York as well as the rest of the country. It is with genuine confidence that I recommend their services.

The process was simple, comprehensive and effective. We signed the agreement to hire them. Brad Barnett immediately flew to our location and discreetly evaluated our company. BFS® took our company to market, found the qualified buyer we needed, secured the necessary financing for the buyer and closed the transaction while allowing us to receive all cash at the closing.

While our negotiation and sale was difficult, I felt as if BFS® had everything under control at all times. The people at BFS® could not have been nicer or more professional.

Robert Garcia, Former Owner
The Small Miracle Preschool Center, Ltd.
Ossining, NY

To Whom It May Concern:

Our Board of Directors decided to market Pooh Corner after 28 years when I was ready to retire as Executive Director. Licensed for 66 children, we tried to market the center ourselves only to learn it was too small to interest a national chain, and too large and overwhelming to attract a single person as a buyer. We then signed a contract with a costly (to us) and unscrupulous (to us) national agent who promised us the moon.

Only after suffering from these two poor decisions did we find Barnett Financial Services, Jeff and Brad Barnett. These men are honest, hard working and committed to matching owners of centers with qualified buyers. Both brothers are professional, and they marketed our center with such confidential practices that our enrolled families and the local community were unaware of the impending sale until we chose to tell them.

Jeff and Brad do all of the work, making the seller's job quite supervisory. Anyone should feel confident putting the sale of their center in BFS® hands. I learned the hard way, but now am retired and listening to Cape Cod ocean waves breaking on the beach as I write this from my kitchen. I love this new chapter in my life.

Thank you.

Carol Salerno,Former Executive Director
Pooh Corner Preschool Learning Center, Inc.
Norwich, CT

Thank you so much... I appreciate everything you did for me during the process of the sale. The girls struggled for a while with the transition, but I think things are starting to settle down now. I love teaching high school Economics, and would have never dreamed that this would be such a great fit for me... Best of all, I get to share some of my business experiences with these young people. My goal for them is that they will understand the choices and power they have in regards to their handling of money, while also understanding the Biblical principals of handling money. The schedule is great too! I work half days and get to see my husband occasionally, and am there when my granddaughter gets out of school each afternoon.

Thanks again.

Mrs. Sara Wall, Former President
Holly Tree Child Care Centers, Inc.
Holly Tree Properties, Inc.
Brentwood and Franklin, TN

It has been a pleasure working with you in the sale of our daycare. After spending 20 years building a business, I was very close to the children and parents and making a decision to sell was difficult. However, working with you made a difficult decision go very smoothly. There were some rough spots but you helped make the deal become a reality. Without your connections and expertise we would never have met a potential buyer to acquire such a large center.

I particularly thank you for the confidentiality that your staff displayed during the sale process, this was a very big sale and yet no one was aware of the sale until the proper time. All of our contacts with BFS® were handled timely and with individual care. You made it seem like we were your only clients and for that I am truly grateful.

Carolyn Saddler, Former President
For Kids Only, Inc.
Antioch, TN

We wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave us before, and during the selling of our Childcare. As you know, this was an emotional decision for us to sell our Center, and the kindness and understanding you all showed us was wonderful. We found that your expertise in managing the process between the buyer and seller was handled very well. Although we frequently had questions, you always had time to find the answers for us.

We thank you for the personal touch. Brad, you were wonderful, and Katie and I really consider you a friend, as well as a fabulous business associate.

We would highly recommend you to anyone who chooses to buy or sell a Childcare Facility. BFS®' attention to detail has been superb and greatly appreciated in such a detailed business transaction.

Sandra Sokol and Katie Sasser
Former Owners of Franklin Childcare II, LLC
Franklin, TN

New Owner: Day-care buyout won't change things

Franklin-Three local day-care centers have been sold to a Kentucky-based company looking to broaden its reach in the child-care industry by expanding into Middle Tennessee. The company also purchased the For Kids Only day care in Antioch.

Mark Bush, Chief Operating Officer, said employees at the recently purchased day cares shouldn't worry about losing their jobs. There are about 100 employees among the four day-care centers, which serve about 500 children. The sales were brokered by Barnett Financial Services, a national merger and acquisition firm that specifically works in the child-care industry.

December 20, 2004
Nashville, TN

Thank you and the staff at BFS® for all of your diligence in the sell of our childcare center. I know our situation was unique considering we wanted to sell the center, but we needed a buyer that was willing to temporarily lease part of the facility back to my printing company. I now have plenty of time to find a new building for my printing company without interrupting service to my printing customers. I am pleasantly surprised that BFS® was able to obtain both goals. Because of your attentiveness we found a cash flow error that had caused the company to be under priced. When we corrected the error, it allowed us to increase our asking price beyond our original asking price. We were able to proceed with the selling process with very little delay.

While we were concerned during some of the negotiation process, you stuck by us and got us a favorable deal despite how bleak things looked. Thanks again for all of your help.

Steve Robison, Former President
Fiddlestix Child Care
Toledo, OH

...Cheryl and I would like to thank you for all you have done in our quest to sell our day care center. The professionalism shown by you and your staff was obvious from the start, and continued through the sale. Your vast network of buyers and sellers could not be compared to anything we could've done on our own. We were so pleased you found a buyer who shared the same childcare philosophies we have. It's comforting to know the sale of our business was in such capable hands.

Cheryl Kalmer, Former President
Joseph G. Kalmer, Former Vice President
Kids Club Child Development Center
Edwardsville, IL

Fletchers Sell Day Care Center to Waterloo Couple

The $1.365 million sale includes the building on East Lake Centre. Ed and Mona Fletcher have sold the business to Ron and Pat Caywood.

Ron Caywood said employees and parents should notice no change in the services provided. The Caywoods learned of the prospective sale through a search firm [BFS®] that had previous contact with the Fletchers. The Caywoods decided they liked the center and told the [BFS®] representative they liked what they had seen. The two couples realized they had similar philosophies about day care. That experience eased the decision-making process for the Fletchers.

June 19, 2004
Quincy, IL

...Thanks for the handling of the sale of Fletcher's Daycare Center. We appreciate all the extra attention and understanding which you gave us to make this happen. We felt very pleased with the result of the process. We are especially pleased and impressed with the way the deal was kept so quiet and also with finding us such a capable buyer and operator. You made it clear that whatever we needed was most important. It was reassuring to call you with any question or concern, knowing that you will have an answer or several other options. Everyone we caused to come in contact with you, from our staff, the buyers and our attorney, all stated that you are always very professional and efficient. This was also our experience throughout the process with your entire staff. Once again, thanks for making this happen so easily. We both feel that without BFS® this would not have been nearly as pleasant of an experience.

Mr. Edward C. Fletcher, Former President
Mrs. Ramona M. Fletcher, Former Vice-President
Fletcher's Inc.
Quincy, IL

...a great big thank you for the handling of the first and second centers of Happy Day Care, Inc. I appreciate all of the extra attention, understanding and help that you gave me to make this happen. I am very pleased with the results both financially and in the way it was structured and implemented. It was especially nice to have you visit with Susan after the sale and help me celebrate. My family, which is of utmost importance to me, appreciates having met you and also thank you for the business relationship.

Ms. Rosemarie "Ro" Day
Former President Happy Day Care, Inc.
East Syracuse and Manlius, NY

We felt that our center would be very hard to sell being that we were fairly new. We were amazed that it happened in a shorter time than we expected. Not only did you sell it for us, but also negotiated an exceptional price. You walked us through everything step by step. You performed above and beyond our expectations.

Ms. Kimberly G. Pinckney
Former President MAAK, Inc.
Kathleen, GA