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Welcome to BFS®
If you want to ImproveSellBuyEvaluate or get Financing for an early education company, you are in the right place.

Founded in 1993, BFS® is a consulting and brokerage firm with a long-standing Better Business Bureau A+ rating, references from early education professionals all over the U.S. and licensed professional brokers in 42 states and Washington DC. We specialize solely in the early education vertical. We have assisted thousands of early education companies (day care, childcare, preschools, Montessori and private elementary schools) with Financing, Management, Evaluations, Buying, Selling, Sale and Leaseback Transactions and more.

If you are an owner, executive or other member of the management team in an early education company, then we have a lot of current and valuable information to help you make your early education company more effective, less stressful, more profitable and more valuable. We will assist you in effectively managing the challenges present in today's early education industry.

If you have questions on a topic, then you can watch a quick video by going to our YouTube Channel or access articles immediately by clicking on the Instant Q & A tab above or reading our blog.  All of this information is free to you. If you can't find your topic here, then contact us  so we can address it for you directly.

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Whether it is our blog or our YouTube Channel you will find information on topics, such as “How To Increase Your Enrollment”, “How To Cut Payroll”, “How To Handle Problem Employees”… and much more. If you want to improve, buy, sell, evaluate or get financing for your early education company, the services of BFS®, including Barnett Real Estate Services, Inc., its Brokers and Lenders, are available for you in the following 42 states and Washington DC.

***The number next to each state represents the current number of buyers looking to purchase centers and schools in your state. This list is updated monthly.

Alabama (263)
Arizona (213)
Arkansas (232)
California (594)
Colorado (199)
Connecticut (464)
Delaware (310)
Georgia (503)
Idaho (151)
Illinois (504)
Indiana (297)
Iowa (197)
Kansas (215)
Kentucky (301)

Louisiana (241)
Maryland (232)
Massachusetts (439)
Minnesota (252)
Mississippi (202)
Missouri (306)
Michigan (346)
Nebraska (196)
Nevada (176)
New Hampshire (184)
New Jersey (611)
New Mexico (195)
New York (549)
North Carolina (378)

Ohio (549)
Oklahoma (164)
Oregon (173)
Pennsylvania (586)
Rhode Island (205)
South Carolina (303)
Tennessee (568)
Texas (544)
Utah (156)
Vermont (163)
Virginia (358)
Washington (263)   DC (46)
West Virginia (186)
Wisconsin (301)

BFS® has a longstanding, A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and References are always available for your review and contact. BFS® is well-known and respected by industry professionals everywhere. To stay up to date, make sure you get connected with us by clicking on the social media channel of your choice at the top of this page.

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BFS® Mission Statement: Our goal is to be the all too rare, integrity-based, results-driven specialty consulting and brokerage firm that earns client endorsements, employee pride and partner confidence.