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If you want to Sell, Buy, or get Financing for a childcare, preschool, Montessori or private elementary are in the right place.

Founded in 1993, BFS® is the leading U.S. brokerage and consulting firm in the early education vertical. We have assisted thousands of early education companies with Buying, Selling, Financing, Management, Evaluations, Sale and Leaseback Transactions and more.

BFS® is also the largest non-governmental provider of FREE resources to the U.S. childcare industry, so take a minute and look around.

Sell My Early Education Company

BFS® specializes in providing the perfect buyer for the private sale of your childcare, preschool, Montessori or private elementary school. 

With our actively engaged network of more than 5,000 financially and educationally pre-qualified buyers, we help to ensure the effective and efficient sale of your early education company. Many buyers do not require loans to purchase your company. For the buyers who use bank financing, our team routinely secures the financing for these buyers to ensure a successful cash-at-closing transition for you regardless of the buyer you choose. So let us take the stress out of selling your early education company. References provided for your review. Click Here to learn more about how we can help you sell your early education company. You can also click here to read our articles on selling your childcare, preschool, Montessori or private elementary school.

Buy An Early Education Company

Are you tired of searching for qualified acquisition candidates? Are you tired of substandard due diligence portfolios? Would you like to be notified when appropriate centers and schools are available for you to purchase? We understand the hassle of finding appropriate candidates and getting all of the pertinent information for your due diligence review. The BFS® team has already tackled these industry challenges. At BFS® we have 25+ years of experience providing this very specific information to the buyers of our clients' companies. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on acquiring and running high-quality centers and schools. Learn more by clicking HERE. You can also click here to read our articles on the best practices for buying a childcare, preschool, Montessori or private elementary school.

Resources For Early Education Companies

Have you ever said to yourself, why doesn't somebody put all this information in one place? While it may not be "all" of the information, it is the most requested information from childcare and school owners throughout the U.S. over the last 25 years. All of the information is designed to make your early education company more effective, less stressful, more profitable and more valuable. Whether you prefer to consume new information via reading, watching videos or talking with the right people in the industry, we have created this resource center to help you navigate the challenges present in today's early education industry.

If you have questions on a topic, then you can watch a quick video by going to our BFS® YouTube Channel or you can access articles immediately by clicking on the Instant Q & A tab above or by scanning our Blog selection for the topics that interest you most. If you want to access the right people for everything from grants to cirriculum to insurance, click on Resources. All of this information is free to you. If you can't find your topic here, then contact us  so we can address your concern directly.

Would You Like To Know How Some Childcare Owners Are Making Millions?

"How 1000s of Childcare Centers and Schools Are Making Millions" by BFS® President Brad Barnett has been given the highest praise by industry professionals throughout the United States. See the reviews. Buy the book in hardback or download it to your tablet or phone. All profits from every book sold go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is a great way for you to give to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and get this great resource as a bonus for yourself, your staff, and your company. Click the image below to get your copy today.

  • For more than two decades, BFS® has carried an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • References are available from early education professionals all over the United States.
  • Our purpose is to be the all too rare, integrity-based, results-driven specialty brokerage and consulting firm that earns client endorsements, employee pride and partner confidence.
  • The services of BFS® (including Barnett Real Estate Services, Inc., its Brokers and Lenders) are available for you in Washington DC and all U.S. states except AK, FL, HI, ME, MT, ND, SD and WY.

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