Using Video To Market Your Childcare Company, Preschool, Montessori School or Private Elementary 

Video is becoming materially more important as a marketing tool for business—including centers and schools. Over the past year, BFS® and its clients have seen the power of video as a relatively inexpensive medium for gaining the attention of clients, prospective clients and other helpful contacts.

Here are three ways you can use video marketing to help your center or school.

1. SET UP A FLAT SCREEN: Today you see flat screens in businesses ranging from fast food restaurants to the most posh spas and clubs. For as little as $275 per video, you can create a professional video (not your smart phone) to be looped so it is constantly sending the message that you want to send. Depending on the size you choose, a substantial flat screen TV can be purchased for about the same price as one video, and you have the flexibility to position these flat screens in the areas where you can both educate and entertain your viewers. Your video(s) can discuss anything from new programs coming to your school to a referral program to reward your parents when they refer other parents to your center. As a side benefit, your looped discussion of the exceptional services of your center or school serves as a constant reminder to your staff. Providing helpful information to the people who need it via video is a great way to separate yourself from the competition without exhausting your advertising budget.

2. CREATE YOUR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Another way to generate buzz from a video marketing campaign is to create a YouTube channel for all your videos. Once established, make sure to email the link to your channel to your parents as this tool is one more item that creates a genuine connection between you and your parents. Additionally, if your parents, staff, vendors…etc. have the link in their email, it makes it very easy to forward it to others. The same thing applies to your email.

If you have a Google / Gmail account, simply log in to your account and you can create your YouTube channel from there. When you set up your YouTube channel, fill in the “description” underneath the YouTube video. Make your website address the first thing in the description, and then type in a few sentences using keywords that your prospects may type in when searching for a childcare center or school.

3. MAINTAIN ACCESS TO YOUR VIDEOS: If you make sure that you have quick access to your video(s) via all of your devices, then it becomes second nature to send it to the people you meet….much like a business card but more interesting.

Keep in mind that it is best to invest in a professional quality video. Take some time and make sure your message is authentic. Remember that the video is not about you. It’s about the people who want or need the information you possess. Videos score high with the search engines. It is an opportunity to clearly state what makes your center or school better while you improve your SEO (search engine optimization) so you can be found by the major search engines.

Talk with you soon…

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