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Building The Team For Your Childcare Center or School



When you consider your teachers and staff in your childcare company or school, it’s important that you think of them as a cohesive unit—not just individuals working in the same building.  Building a team that works well together can sometimes be a challenge, but the following steps should help you.

Here we go.

1)   Create an environment that encourages sharing and working together to improve your childcare company or school.  Try to avoid the “show up, do your work and get your paycheck” mentality.  A mentally healthy environment will lead to better staff retention and a more comfortable place for children and parents.

2)   Acknowledge teachers when they do something good.  Most everyone likes positive recognition.  Whether we’re two of fifty-two, recognition is appreciated.

3)   Keep the communication channels open. It’s important for the teachers and other staff to trust you and each other.

4)   Have clear expectations for everyone involved in your childcare company or school.  Make sure each of your staff members confirm their understanding of your expectations.

5)   Learn how to delegate responsibilities.  Delegation provides a sense of pride for the trusted employee and a shorter to do list for you.

6)   Hold your staff members accountable.  It’s not enough to delegate or explain expectations; the job has to get done.

These simple steps can help you improve moral in your centers or schools and, by extension, build the kind of relationships you want to have with your teachers, children and parents.

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