Making Brokers and Their Clients Successful 

One thing we have learned in our 25+ years in the early education industry is the importance of key partnerships. We know our clients are better served when highly-functioning, professional brokerage firms pool resources to deliver faster and more effective results.  However, many brokerage firms want to avoid splitting fees or commissions in search of higher profits, and this is completely understandable in a world of traditional thinking.

BFS® provides licensed brokers in good standing with resources that allow them in many cases to close more transactions and in some cases keep the entire fee.  Imagine having an average of 20 banks competing for the financing of each of your transactions or being able to make a 3% fee without representing a buyer or  seller.  Those resources are available at BFS®.

What if you (a licensed broker) could use the considerable resources of another brokerage firm while making the same or more money than when you work alone?  We’re not talking about closing twice as many transactions and splitting fees.  We’re talking about making more fees from the same number of closings…or having more closings…or both.  We’re talking about delivering better transactions for buyers and sellers where “better” is defined as transactions in which sellers get the monetary rewards they deserve and buyers get the bargain they expect for their investment.  We’re talking about working with licensed professionals who can provide everything from the all too critical financing to necessary ancillary services that create these better transactions.

BFS®, its full service real estate brokerage firm and its licensed brokers in 42 states offer several services that can make your clients happier and your company more profitable. Whether it’s our firm or any other, there is never a good reason for a brokerage firm to fail a client without trying everything possible to serve the client’s interest.  We’re here to help when you need to go beyond standard operation procedures or when you want to deliver the best service instead of just acceptable service.

We offer:

  1. An exceptional referral fee program where licensed brokers can earn fees from one to three percent of each sale without producing a single buyer
  2. Consistent and efficient financing options
  3. The ability to increase buyer and lender confidence through professional business valuations and furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) valuations
  4. Industry specific knowledge and resources to help save the difficult transactions

Whenever you’re ready, visit our Professional Brokers Page at www.bfsinc.net , give us a call toll-free at 800-467-1774, watch our YouTube Channel  or see our topic-specific blog to help you with the items that concern you most.

Best to you….Brad Barnett, President BFS®

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